Understanding More About Long Term Disability Benefits In Ontario

Long term disability can mean different things in different provinces. Ontario, for example, may have different long term disability options than provinces further east or west. Long term disability is payments made to an individual who is unable to work for an extended period of time due to an accident, illness or injury. If you find yourself in this situation, you may qualify for publicly funded disability benefits or programs. These are the benefits that are offered by the Government of Canada, and what’s offered varies between provinces. Here’s a look at some of the long term disability benefits and programs that Ontario residents may qualify for. (more…)

Avoiding Injury As A Pedestrian

In the larger cities of Kingston, Ottawa, and Sudbury, we often see significant numbers of pedestrians going about their daily business. Unfortunately, a large percentage of accidents that involve such individuals are oftentimes fatal. With nothing more than the clothes they are wearing to protect them, it’s easy to understand how this can happen whenever they are struck by a moving vehicle. These injuries can be life-changing and require years of recovery and rehabilitation. (more…)

Improved Safety Laws For Ontario Pedestrians

As a pedestrian in the Ottawa, Kingston, or Sudbury areas, walking near any roadway can put you at serious risk of being injured.  You could be crossing the road in a marked crosswalk and hit by a driver who was in a hurry to get some place or you could be hit by a driver who is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.  No matter what the circumstances, a personal injury lawyer can help you understand the laws regarding your specific case and help you file a claim against the responsible party. (more…)