Know More about the Relevance of Bus Accident Law

Now, it’s worth noting that Bus Accident Law generally falls within the common carrier law because the majority of buses offer transportation services as part of their business to regular people. The common carrier is an individual or an enterprise which is going to offer transport of people, items or services in return for a fee. The common carriers can be either public entities or private companies. The Federal Government is generally regulating the common carriers which transport passengers and this is with full force over the province of Ontario. (more…)

Why Are Students Most Affected In Public Transit Accidents?

Interesting enough, the most affected victims of public transit accidents in the province of Ontario are the students. Another target audience includes high-school attendants but it’s mostly students. This is mainly because Ontario welcomes a lot of students every single year and it’s estimated that the total count of the ones within the province is about 900,000. As you can imagine, those people wouldn’t all use their own vehicles to get to school. While it’s true that some of them would drive, others would ride a bike, but for the most part, students use the services of the public transit. (more…)

Pedestrian accidents in Ottawa

One of the major causes for personal injury disputes in the capital city of Canada – Ottawa is pedestrian accidents. These are such incidents which somehow involve a pedestrian who has sustained certain damages as a result of an auto transport accidents. The examples are numerous but definitely the one that poses most interest for the law includes a motor vehicle hitting a walking person. As you can imagine, these are accidents which are capable of causing horrible injuries and even death. As a matter of fact these are the accidents which mostly have lethal outcomes in comparison to any other accidents in the personal injury law area. (more…)

Reasons For Public Transit Accident

It is not uncommon for people living in the city of Sudbury, which is located in the province of Ontario, to suffer in a public transit accident. This would mean that they used the services of the public transportation and relying on them to get them safely from one location to another. Unfortunately, not only this isn’t always the case but sometimes there are some sever accidents which occur in the public transit. However, it is important to realize that accidents of this particular regard may occur for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes there are contributing factors which may limit the liability of the transporting agency or company. (more…)