Why Are Students Most Affected In Public Transit Accidents?

Interesting enough, the most affected victims of public transit accidents in the province of Ontario are the students. Another target audience includes high-school attendants but it’s mostly students. This is mainly because Ontario welcomes a lot of students every single year and it’s estimated that the total count of the ones within the province is about 900,000. As you can imagine, those people wouldn’t all use their own vehicles to get to school. While it’s true that some of them would drive, others would ride a bike, but for the most part, students use the services of the public transit.

It’s also estimated that every school year has between 1500 and 2000 road collisions which involve buses from the public transit and also school buses. More than 20% of the students who were using the services of the public transit were gravely injured, which is a rather grim percentage.

Now, it’s important to understand that public transit accidents encompass all sorts of accidents which involve any form of public transit service, not only those which involve students. As you can probably imagine, these numbers are going to rise substantially. This is the main reason for which public transit accidents are a preferred area by many lawyers – there is just a lot of work. And it’s also true that this is a niche which doesn’t have a great deal of specialists dealing with it. This leaves an open door for those who are enthusiastic enough to start taking cases of the kind.

It’s also important to understand that the entity that you are going to be entitled to sue is no regular person – it’s almost always a specific entity. For the most parts, you should direct your claims towards the particular municipality, because it’s in charge of the public transit. However, in some cities the public transport is taken care of by privately held corporations so you should be directing your claims towards them.

All of the public transit operators are legally required to follow the specific rules for safety which are duly set forth in the Public Vehicle Act as well as in the Highway Traffic Act. The responsibility is laid out in these particular pieces of the legislations. There are also provisions in the insurance legislation which should be properly examined prior to filing a case. This is why the field is rather diverse and it requires a serious preparation in order to successfully lead a case. Keep in mind that those entities would typically have a whole team of lawyers who are specifically trained in handling problematic situations just like these. That’s why your personal injury lawyer should be well prepared and reliable. It is good to avail the first free consultation session with an injury lawyer and get the merits of your case evaluated. Based on the evaluation, the lawyer will be able to judge how to proceed further so that you have an upper hand.