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Personal Injury Lawyer Sudbury

Personal injury cases are oftentimes extremely complex and require a prompt response, due to strict time limits that the legal system imposes. Once you have received medical attention for your injuries and before you do anything else, you all want to contact us at BLPC Law, and schedule a FREE consultation appointment, so we can review and evaluate your case. An experienced, personal injury lawyer in Sudbury is part of a team that is well-versed in the area of personal injury law. We know how overwhelming and stressful the consequences of a serious accident can be. Not only that, but your injuries could be financially devastating.

This is a time when you need to fully understand your rights, and speak with our team of professional personal injury lawyers in Sudbury. The field of personal injury law is one filled with complexities and diversity. It encompasses an extremely broad range of emotional, mental, and physical damages. In most cases that we have represented, these damages occur as a result of another persons negligence or reckless behavior. In the city of Sudbury, personal injury claims are primarily attributed to vehicle collisions, resulting in serious emotional suffering, mental trauma, and physical injuries. And if you have undergone any slip and fall accident, or injured in an auto accident, we are right here waiting to assist you get justice.

According to the 2014 Statistics Canada publication, it was estimated that 15% of all individuals aged 12 years and older, injured in vehicle accidents, experienced injuries that were life-changing in severity; many of whom now live with restricted physical function. These injuries were attributed to and/or exacerbated, because others were not acting cautiously, were negligent, or were reckless in their behaviour. And, if you are an injured party, you need our competent lawyers to help you. We are available during business hours, and ensure that all your requirements are met.

Personal Injury Causes

Current research data, accumulated by Statistics Canada, shows the most common injury throughout Canada was some type of sprain or strain. These injuries accounted for over 50% of the total injuries reported for last year, while broken bones and fractures accounted for another 17%. Other common personal injuries included bicycle accidents, controlled substances (dangerous drugs), defective products, farm accidents, medical malpractice, mesothelioma, motorcycle accidents, slip or trip and fall accidents, vehicle accidents, and wrongful death.

Injuries typically range from those that are minor and moderate, to those that are more serious and life-threatening in nature. After you have been involved in an accident, no matter how insignificant or minor your injuries may seem, you should seek medical attention and then call us. Be sure to hang on to any related documents that the hospital or physician gives you, as we will need to see these during your initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Sudbury.

In some instances, the symptoms of certain injuries may take longer to manifest themselves than with others. For instance, injuries to your internal organs, psychological damage, and whiplash may not be immediately evident. This is why BLPC Law suggests that you always seek medical attention as soon as possible, so that you can start recovering sooner. Once you have received medical care, you should contact us, and set up a FREE consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Sudbury; a member of the BLPC legal team.

Considering all the frustration and stress that you are dealing with after your accident, the last thing you need to be worrying about is the legal process involved with filing your claim, and negotiating a settlement for damages. BLPC Law understands how challenging this period in your life can be, and how overwhelmed you feel when your expenses are piling up and you have lost time on the job. It's important that you take the necessary steps to protect your rights in this situation. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your FREE consultation at our office. However, if you are unable to visit us, we will come to you. We understand that you might be recovering from your injuries, and may not be able to travel. We will come to the hospital or to your home as needed.

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