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Pedestrian Accidents Lawyer In Ottawa

Roadways are universally enjoyed by a wide range of entities in addition to cars, RVs, SUVs, trucks, and vans. For instance, the streets in your city or town are probably populated with bicyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians. One of the more common personal injury cases that we see at BLPC Law involves that last group of individuals, namely the pedestrian. Accidents involving a vehicle and a pedestrian oftentimes occur because a driver is being negligent and strikes the individual. When this happens, injuries are typically severe in nature.

Additionally, staying safe and adhering to road safety instruction is not always enough. Even when you are not at fault, you may be injured due to negligent drivers or poor road maintenance. This is one of the reasons that we represent a multitude of pedestrian accident victims with varied injuries; some being very serious, and leading to long term disability.

Common Pedestrian Accidents

Since pedestrians are relatively unprotected, the results of being hit by a vehicle are almost predictable every time and accident of this nature occurs. Inevitably, the pedestrian is at the mercy of everyone driving a vehicle and must be aware of this no matter where they are. In every vehicle-pedestrian accident case that we have represented, the injuries have not only been severe, they have been one-sided.

Throughout our history as a legal firm, BLPC Law has helped numerous pedestrians who have suffered amputations, brain injuries, broken bones, and spinal cord injuries. Not only do these injuries cause the victim extreme pain and suffering, but they also typical carry some staggering medical expenses as well. With our legal representation, a personal injury claim and lawsuit could help you through the difficult times that follow your accident, and easy the burden caused by the responsible drivers negligence.

Cases Involving Deadly Negligence

We have seen many vehicle-pedestrian accidents where the driver was not only negligent; but, their oversight took the life of the innocent pedestrian. No pedestrian is perfect. Indeed there are those occasions where they are not entirely blameless. However, that doesn't excuse the fact that some drivers, for a number of reasons, are not operating their vehicles safely whenever pedestrians are present on the roadways.

We know that the most common causes of vehicle-pedestrian accidents involving deadly negligent are usually attributed to one or more of the following:

  • distracted driving, more specifically texting while driving
  • driving intoxicated or under the influence a controlled substance
  • hitting the person in a crosswalk when running a red light
  • not paying attention to pedestrians in crosswalks when turning right at an intersection
  • vehicles parked illegally make it difficult for drivers to see bicycles and pedestrians

No matter what the specific cause of your accident, BLPC Law is here to assist you in determining fault, and getting you the compensation you deserve. Call us today and you will quickly see why you can rely on our experience and skills. We are here to ensure your welfare at all times.