Are All Injuries Immediately Apparent After A Car Accident?

It’s possible to experience an injury from an accident without realizing that you’ve been injured until the pain starts to happen much later. A motor vehicle accident can cause injury to any part of the body. This isn’t surprising considering the size difference between the human body and an average vehicle. Injuries sustained in a vehicle accident includes a variety of body parts such as brain and head injuries, face injuries, back injuries, brain and head injuries and psychological trauma. These are examples of the most common types of accidents experienced by victims. (more…)

What Are The Ways The Insurance Company Is Able To Evaluate Fault In A Claim?

When someone is involved in a car accident, it needs to be determined who is responsible for the accident, or whose fault it is that the accident happened. Sometimes it may seem obvious who was at fault. And on the surface it could look that way. However, for most insurance companies, this isn’t enough proof. Hard evidence is required, especially if you’re the one trying to make a claim and are not at fault. With hard evidence and solid proof, you can make a stronger argument with your insurance company which will allow you to receive maximum compensation. All insurance companies assess fault in a car accident approximately the same way. Here are some things an insurance company will look at when working on a car accident settlement case and determining who was responsible for causing the accident. (more…)

Know More About Standard of Care In The Canadian Health Care System

In all parts of Canada, including Ontario, you have a the right to expect a good level of medical care that benefits you and doesn’t leave you in a worse situation than you were when you first sought out medical help. If you have reason to believe that you did not receive this level of care, and that the complications and injuries you now experience are a result of the actions of the doctor or medical facility you went to for help, you may have a medical malpractice case. If you suspect this, you will need to consult with an experienced medical negligence lawyer. (more…)