Know About Liability And Injury From Dog Bites

Owning a dog is a serious responsibility and is immensely rewarding. As a dog owner, the last thing you would wish to happen is for your furry friend to turn violent and harm another person. Yet, such occurrences do happen unfortunately. The primary concern is obviously the welfare of the victim. But it is also important that every dog owner understands whether ownership carries the legal weight of responsibility for the dog’s actions,should an attack occur as the injured victim can sue you as the dog’s owner. (more…)

Checklist For Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents

If you ride a motorcycle, knowing how to reduce the risk of a collision could mean the difference between life and death. Road vigilance, adhering to the law and receiving proper training are some of the ways in which riders can help themselves avoid accidents. When these do occur, serious injury, sometimes permanent, can be the result. From spinal cord and head injuries to broken bones, personal injury lawyers are all too aware of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. (more…)