Negligent Supervision: Leaving A Kid In A Vehicle

The truth is that a lot of parents nowadays are juggling with quite a few different tasks at once. From handling an emergency issue at work to figuring out a simple yet challenging family matter – it’s sometimes hard to manage. With this in mind, when you have so much going on is quite easy to forget dropping off your kid at school or, even worse, that your kid is even with you. When your mind is somewhere else, these things are not so hard to happen. (more…)

Will Adherence To Motorcycle Safety Tips Will Help Avoid Accidents?

The truth is that there are quite a lot of motorcycle accident and unlike regular car accidents, these turn to be a lot more lethal in comparison. The reason for this is that the bike rider doesn’t have the protection and the security which is conveniently offered by the vehicle itself. The only thing which is actively protecting him is his gear which, frankly, is far from being enough in a high-speed accident. (more…)

Why Will An Accident Victim In Ontario Receive Less Money?

There are quite a few things that you’d have to consider when it comes to getting monetary compensation and one of the important ones is that the regulations and legal provisions in this regard tend to change quite commonly. With this in mind, it is important to understand that as per the latest propositions, motor vehicle accident victims are effectively going to receive less money in terms of damage claims. (more…)

Proving Liability In A Slip And Fall Accident Case

While the incidence of slip and fall accidents increase during the frigid winter months in Kingston, Ottawa, and Sudbury, they are certainly not a seasonally-based occurrence by any means. The reality is that you could sustain injuries by slipping or tripping and falling just about any time of the year. In many cases, the owner of the property where you slipped and fell could be at fault for your injuries if they failed to maintain it and did not make any necessary repairs when required. (more…)