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Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers in Ottawa

Every time you get behind the wheel of your vehicle, you or a loved one may be at risk of incurring serious injuries in an accident, which was caused by a negligent driver. In some cases, those injuries could have life-changing consequences, and thereby leave you and your family financially devastated. Therefore, it is important that your rights are protected, and that you have professional legal assistance, in order to be equitably compensated for your injuries. And that is our job, because you cannot fight the insurance company, and the legal system, on your own. Our team of experienced lawyers will be more than happy to help you get justice.

Protecting Your Rights

You need the experienced BLPC Law legal team to protect your rights, and ensure that you are cared for, and treated medically, for your injuries. For instance, your auto insurance policy probably has a mandatory accident benefit coverage clause in it. Or you may have a valid claim against the person who is the at-fault driver and be compensation for:

  • current medical expenses
  • future medical expenses
  • lost income
  • pain and suffering

Keep in mind that if there are other compensation-related factors to take into consideration, we will be able to identify them and include them in your case.

Primary Sources of Compensation

When you file a personal injury claim after being involved in a motor vehicle accident, you can be compensated in one of two ways:

Accident benefits These benefits are available to any individual that is involved in an auto accident no matter who the at-fault driver is. Be sure you contact your insurance company immediately after you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, so the entitlement to those benefits is protected. Accident benefits typically include compensation for:

  • attendant care services
  • caregiving benefits
  • homemaking/housekeeping services
  • medical expenses
  • non-earner benefits
  • rehabilitation expenses
  • replacement of lost wages

Remember, even if you are the at-fault driver, you could be entitled to these accident benefits and be compensated for them. You can also file a claim for accident benefits if you were a bus or streetcar passenger, cyclist, driver of a vehicle, passenger in a vehicle, or even a pedestrian.

Tort Claims This is the second type of compensation that we typically see in personal injury accident cases. These are claims against the driver who is at fault through their insurer, and usually includes any economic losses inclusive of wages, (past, present, and future) or pain and suffering, provided you can meet the required threshold. However, you can pursue a claim for:

  • business income losses
  • loss of competitive advantage
  • lost income
  • related out-of-pocket expenses

Additionally, family members may be able to file a claim for attendant care, housekeeping, and any other services rendered; economic losses and expenses; and loss of care, companionship, and guidance. BLPC Law is always available to consult with you regarding your motor vehicle accident case. For more information we encourage you to contact us today.