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Product Liability Lawyer in Ottawa

According to the Association of Defective Products, Lawyers Toronto, every distributor, manufacturer, and retailer has a legal responsibility to ensure the placement of safe products in the marketplace. Whether it is a bicycle or vehicle tire, a childrens toy, electronic devices, or food items, the manufacturer is required to have a system for quality control. This is necessary in place in order to prevent the entry of any defective products into the marketplace.

Stay Aware

Furthermore, they are also required to provide directions, and place warning labels on the product to ensure protection for the consumer. When a company fails to follow these laws and guidelines, or is negligent in such matters, the consumer could be seriously injured and even die as a result of those injuries. If this happens to you or a family member, BLPC Law can handle your personal injury claim. The firm can get you compensated for any non-economic, as well as economic losses, attributed to the defective product, causing the injury. That is where we step in, because we care about your well-being, and understand that you need legal assistance at such difficult times. Your welfare is our concern, and this is why calling allows us to help you get justice.

About Product Liability Cases

Product liability personal injury cases are oftentimes extremely complex in nature and require thorough, highly technical investigations. In many of these cases, we will call in engineers as well as other product professionals to review these issues, and determine whether or not certain products are truly defective. In most cases, the involvement of different individuals is required, such as the distributor, manufacturer, retailer and any other persons who are part of the supply chain within Canada, or outside of the country.

Consequently, the determination of responsibility, for injuries incurred in these cases, is never simple. Additionally, it must be determined whether the defective product personal injury claim falls under federal or provincial law. When BLPC Law represents you, we will organize a comprehensive, concerted effort in order to analyse your case. Furthermore, we will document any liability involved in the design, manufacturing, and/or servicing of the product.

We Are Here to Help You

As your personal injury legal team, we will sit down with you in the initial FREE consultation, and document all economic and non-economic losses. This includes current and future medical expenses, lost wages, and psychological suffering. As the professional personal injury legal firm in the greater Toronto area, we are prepared to handle a wide range of product liability cases involving:

  • automotive and vehicle components
  • consumer appliances
  • food products
  • household products
  • industrial equipment
  • other dangerous products

As an important side note, DO NOT DISCARD or attempt to repair the defective product that caused your injuries, as this is vital evidence in your personal injury case. If you or a loved one recently suffered an accident and injuries due to the use of a defective product, BLPC Law is always prepared to handle your product liability personal injury claim. Contact us today!