Legal Representation For Catastrophic Injury Victims

Lawsuits resulting from catastrophic injuries, such as spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries, can involve some complex yet very unique issues. These are the types of injuries that oftentimes result in long-term or permanent disabilities and disfigurement. While there is no single legal definition of “catastrophic” injuries per se, they usually entail a painful recovery and rehabilitation process, numerous surgical procedures, and in some cases ongoing medical and attendant care. (more…)

Know More About Public Transportation Accident Liability

Accidents involving buses, streetcars, subways, and trains occur on a regular basis in the cities of Ottawa, Kingston, and Sudbury.  While many individuals are injured in these types of accidents, some can be severe and even fatal.  If you’re a public transportation passenger, little can be done to predict an impending accident or prevent it from happening.  Consequently, passengers using public transit venues are particularly vulnerable to injuries whenever an accident occurs. (more…)

Wrongful Death – Claiming Rights and Emotional Damages

Even though wrongful death is amongst the most tragic consequences of any accident, there are a lot of things that have to be discussed in order to provide clarity over the matter. The Fifth Part of the Family Law Act of Ontario stipulates that in case death or injury resulted from neglect of a third party, the directly related blood relatives are entitled to seek monetary compensation. (more…)

Personal Injury Law and Spinal Cord Injuries

As with most personal injury lawsuits, spinal cord injury claims are very complex cases to deal with in court and at the negotiating table.  In many spinal cord injury cases, the individual is oftentimes left permanently disabled as a paraplegic or a quadriplegic.  In addition to their physical disabilities, there could also be a great deal of psychological damage when the person can no longer work.  Worst of all, spinal cord injuries can and oftentimes do leave the families of these victims financially devastated. (more…)