Pedestrian accidents in Ottawa

One of the major causes for personal injury disputes in the capital city of Canada – Ottawa is pedestrian accidents. These are such incidents which somehow involve a pedestrian who has sustained certain damages as a result of an auto transport accidents. The examples are numerous but definitely the one that poses most interest for the law includes a motor vehicle hitting a walking person. As you can imagine, these are accidents which are capable of causing horrible injuries and even death. As a matter of fact these are the accidents which mostly have lethal outcomes in comparison to any other accidents in the personal injury law area.

Highway Traffic Act of Canada

However, it’s important to pay attention to few key details, when it comes to pedestrian accidents. The Highway Traffic Act of Canada clearly sets forth provisions which distribute the proving necessity in the course of the trial. The most important piece of legislation in it is the article which says that the duty of proving falls onto the person who has caused the accident. Now, the law states that once such a claim has been filed, the operator, who can be an owner or a lessee, is the one who has to prove that he wasn’t the negligent party. This is of tremendous importance because it means that if you have been involved in such an accident as a victim, all you have to do is file your motion. The other side has to make an effort to defend itself, provided that it claims innocence.

It’s also important to know that there are a lot of convenient and easy ways to avoid all these troubles. Of course, the most important thing that a driver should do is to pay strict attention to everything that’s happening on the road. This is especially important in times when the driving conditions are poor such as during a storm or during fogs. However, it is also important that the driving regulations are properly abided by. It is not just your safety but the others too.

Note that the speed limit is a relative term. Even though the law is going to stipulate that the drivers should not drive at a speed higher than the established limits, there is also the term considerate speed. This means that the speed of your vehicle should be in regard to the current driving conditions. For instance, you can be driving under the speed limit but your speed could be wildly inappropriate for the current weather conditions. If this causes an accident you are still going to be held responsible and your behavior is going to be constituted as negligent. This would require you or your insurance company to pay the respective compensation for the damages that you have caused to the opposing party.