What Happens In Claim Settlement When The Pedestrian Is Hit By Car?

You can sustain serious injuries, if you have been struck by a car. It will also leave a serious impact on your quality of life. You will most likely find it necessary to file a lawsuit because of pain and suffering, missing work and the medical bills piling up.If you want to know if you have a case and to find out what will happen with this kind of settlement, keep reading.

What to do if You Have Been Hit by a Car

Maybe you were hit by a car, when you were just taking a leisurely stroll. You must take immediate action. If you are able to call the police, do that first. This will be useful for filing a lawsuit as the police report will explain the circumstances surrounding the accident.Without going to the emergency room or seeing a doctor, you will not be sure whether your injuries are serious. If you intend to seek compensation for any injuries, keep all receipts for treatments.

The last thing you should do but definitely an important one is to take the driver’s and any witnesses contact information.

Compensation for Pedestrians

Being hit by a car does allow for compensation, depending on how serious your injuries are, any circumstances that surround the accident, if you will have to miss work, how the injuries affect your life daily and future income, and the types of medical treatments or physical therapy you may receive. Plus, if there is any possibility you were at all partially responsible for the accident, there will be a reduction in the settlement.To get a clearer sense of the amount you can be compensated in an accident involving a vehicle, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer in Kingston.

Working with Your Insurer

Proper compensation means working with your lawyer and filing a claim with your insurer, if you were hit by a car.The settlement you are being offered does not seem to be quite fair. If negotiation attempts with the insurance company are not working out for you, you definitely need to work with a lawyer. They are very important to any case for a settlement; he/she can give you an estimate for compensation for pain and suffering. The lawyer fights your case with you by presenting evidence and arguments, informing anyone why the settlement is unfair and should be increased.Ensure that you work with a lawyer that has considerable experience dealing with similar claims. This will help you get a better deal and more money as compensation.