Ontario Accident Claims Fund Assistance When Victim Finds No Other Available Funds

Suppose that you are the victim of an automobile collision in Ontario. You have car insurance, but that same provider has refused to cover your damages. Perhaps you can think of the reason for such a denial. Maybe your request has been denied because you were not in the vehicle at the time of the collision; you were standing next to it.

You had heard that a cyclist or a pedestrian could seek coverage from any of the vehicles involved in the collision that caused that same cyclist or pedestrian to become injured. Consequently, you have tried to obtain funds from those same sources. Unfortunately, your efforts failed to provide you with any level of success.

If you had been lucky enough to become an accident victim in this one particular city in the Northwestern Hemisphere, then you could have taken advantage of the MVACF. That group of letters stands for the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund. It has been described as the payer of last resort.

Basic features of the MVACF

It is run by the local government. The government has established the organization that supervises the group of people that handle all of the paperwork. That is the sort of paperwork that usually gets associated with the task of obtaining funding for accident victims. It provides an accident victim with compensation whenever the guilty driver has not been identified, or was found to be uninsured.

When possible, it tries to locate the driver and to obtain a payment from the same individual. It relies on the information that has come from the qualified victim.

Rules that apply to utilization of the MVACF

Accident must have taken place in the city that operates the organization that oversees distribution of the MVACF’s funds. Before requesting any funds, the victim must first make an effort to find the at-fault driver. In addition, the victim must commence an action and get a judgment, in order to be qualified for receipt of any funds. It is best to talk with a personal injury lawyer in Sudbury to know about how to go about the claim process.