Know About Attendant Care Benefits Following A Motor Vehicle Accident

Very few people have a full understanding of attendant care benefits, especially since major changes have been implemented to the laws surrounding these benefits. And further changes are still on the horizon. Thanks to the government and insurers, changes to said laws seem to actually be an annual thing.However, that shouldn’t stop you from staying up to date on your rights as a citizen of Ontario. If you have been involved in a car accident that left you severely injured, talk to personal injury lawyer in Sudbury and have them go over potential benefits with you. They understand the benefits that you are eligible for and will ensure that your compensation is maximized. There are no upfront payments to the lawyers as they work on contingency basis.

Requirements For Attendant Care Benefits

Firstly, your injuries need to fall outside of the guidelines outlined in the Minor Injury Act, which means strains, sprains, and other specific injuries will automatically exclude you from entitlement to attendant care benefits.

Attendant Care Benefits (No Minor Injury Cap, No Catastrophic Injury)

However, if your injuries do not fall under the conditions outlined in the Minor Injury Guideline, but are also not deemed to be catastrophic, you will find yourself with an entitlement of $3,000, or less, per month for 5 years or less. That is, unless you are a minor, in which case the monthly benefits will last until you are 28 years of age.

Attendant Care Benefits (No Minor Injury Cap, Catastrophic Injury)

If your injuries do not fall under the definition of minor, as stated in the Minor Injury Guideline, and are also found to be catastrophic, you will automatically be entitled to $6,000, or less, a month for the rest of your life.

Limitations To Attendant Care Benefits

It should be noted that attendant care benefits, regardless of other factors such as injuries deemed to be catastrophic, are still subjected to a maximum limit. This limit has been set for the combined benefits of Attendant Care and Medical Rehabilitation. In case of a claim that has been found to be non-catastrophic, this combined limit has been set at $65,000 for a 5-year period. Or for minors, for up until they reach the age of 28.For a claim which was deemed catastrophic, the combined limit has been set at $1,000,000, reaching until the end of the claimant’s life.

The Purpose of Attendant Care Benefits

As stated by the laws surrounding these benefits, their purpose is to cover so called “reasonable and necessary” services which will be performed by a helper hired to look after the injured.