Uncover The Problems of License Appeals Tribunals In Cases of Accident Benefit Claims

Following a car accident which left you injured, you will automatically be entitled to receiving so called no-fault accident benefits from the insurance company under which you have signed your policy. However, these benefits do not cover damages for your pain and suffering, and neither do they provide coverage for attendant care, housekeeping, loss of income and guidance, or care and companionship.

Purpose of Accident Benefits

The general idea with these no-fault accident benefits is to help support the injured during their journey to recovery. Because of this, they also provide replacement for lost income, with an upper limit of $400 a week, and attendant care, with an upper limit of $3,000 a month in non-catastrophic cases and $6,000 for the ones deemed catastrophic.

Problem With Accident Benefits

The whole issue with these benefits lies within the system itself. Your insurance company is the one supplying you with these benefits, as stated in your insurance policy, regardless of whether you are at fault for causing the accident or not.However, they are also the only ones they have to respond to in cases like these. It is them, and only them, who get to decide which benefits they will pay you and which not. Because of this, they will undoubtedly try to minimize the severity of your injuries, and push you to agree to a deeply unfair, extremely low settlement. This is one of the reasons that personal injury lawyers in Sudbury can represent your rights aggressively. They have the expertise and experience to handle all types of claims and can even represent at trials.

After all, insurance companies have become business corporations. They want to make a profit at all times, with every single case and claim that lands on their desks. Even their employees are held accountable when a claim is fairly settled since such settlements will keep them from further hording their wealth. Not to mention that they also have shareholders on the stock market to respond to when their overall performance wavers at the end of a quarter. That is why only a lawyer representing your rights can do anything.

What To Do When Your Claim Is Denied

If you do not agree with a decision made by your accident benefit insurer, which is oftentimes the case, the first thing you should is to apply for mediation. This is a free process which will lead to contact with the Financial Services Commission, either over the phone or in person. This mediation session will be overseen by a trained mediator, experienced with accident benefit disputes between claimants and insurers.