Things To Consider When Dealing With The Insurance Company

If you have been involved in a personal injury accident, regardless of its kind, chances are that you will have to deal with your insurance company. This is especially true when it comes to vehicular accidents of any kind such as motorcycle accidents, bike accidents, car accidents and others of the kind.

You have to report the accident to your insurance company within the first 7 days, regardless of who is actually at fault. If you are incapable of reporting the accident within this particular amount of time, make sure to do it as quickly as it’s possible. If you don’t report it within a reasonable time frame, your insurance company might be capable of disproving your claim and rejecting it.

Make sure to have the facts

Now, your insurance broker, adjuster or a representative of the company is going to ask you a few simple but important questions that you have to account for. In order to help speed the entire procedure and to make sure it’s handled properly, make sure that you have the following information at hand:

·         The name of the owner of the insurance company as well as the number of the insurance policy

·         The model, make, year as well as the registration and the license plate numbers of the car

Additionally, apart from this basic information you would also have to provide details about the accident itself. It includes:

·         The date, time as well as the location of the accident

·         The extent of all the injuries

·         The name of the driver and his license number

·         The extent of the damages to the vehicle

·         The description of the accident

Amongst many other things which are quite common and you should be able to handle them with ease. Other than that the personal injury lawyer will be able to assist you through the processes so that a strongly drafted claim is filed. Check whether they have experience with trials and negotiations as that is an important component of a claim.

Make sure to read your policy

It is a very good idea to go ahead and thoroughly read your entire Ontario Automobile Policy. It is going to provide you with a range of specific information about the coverage that it provides as well as your rights and your responsibilities under it. If you don’t have a copy of it at hand, as your insurance company to provide you one or download a simple copy. It would be a lot easier for you to handle the entire situation if you are well aware of the specifications surrounding the insurance process.

Of course, you can go through the entire thing without all this hassle if you contacted a personal injury lawyer. He would be capable of handling the entire situation with ease and in a shorter amount of time because he’s well aware of all of the specifications.