How Much Is Your Motorcycle Accident Claim Worth?

Motorcycle accidents are particularly common as the province of Ontario is a well-known spot for motorcycle lovers. Unfortunately, these are particularly dangerous and are capable of resulting in significant injuries. There are no protective roll-bars and the only thing which is going to provide you with some sort of relative safety is your own protective gear.

You can easily see why the majority of the injuries are catastrophic and why there is a high percentage of fatalities resulting from motorcycle accidents. With this in mind, a lot of people wonder about the amount of damages they will receive in such cases. Unfortunately, no one is capable of giving a correct estimation. Maybe an experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to provide you with something roughly but it’s impossible to claim something with certainty at this point. The reasons are different.

The treatment needs to get finished

In order to determine the overall cost of your injuries, your medical treatment needs to get finished first. This is due to the fact that it’s going to determine the overall out-of-pocket expenses that you will have to make. These are the special, economic damages. They are based off documents such as medical bills and receipts. Keep in mind that there are other types of damages outside of your treatment that are included here. For instance, if you have to travel a lot for your appointments, you can also claim travel expenses. Additionally, the future cost of treatment and surgeries that might be required need to be estimated. Thus, your lawyer will be the best judge to decide the amount that you need to be paid.

Non-pecuniary damages

This is the reason for which the claim is impossible to be priced in the beginning of the process. There is only something rough and approximate that the lawyer will be capable of providing you with. However, non-economic damages for pain and suffering are valued for every single case separately. A broken arm might cause a lot of pain and suffering for a regular person and a lot more if that person was a tennis player who is incapable of going on with his professional career, for example. These are the kinds of facts that the jury and the judge take into account when it comes to it.

With this in mind, the first thing that you should do after you’ve started your medical treatment is to get a lawyer to help you out. He will be well aware of how to proceed in order to get the highest amount of compensation available. What is more, he is going to provide you with the necessary legal protection and representation in front of the court as well as in front of the insurance company, which is most likely to be the current case. This is why you need to rely on an experienced professional.