How A Car Accident Case Could Settle Out-of-Court

A majority of the personal injury claims that the affected victims submit, after the occurrence of a car accident, manage to be resolved out-of-court. Car drivers can increase their chances for saving time and money by enjoying an out-of-court decision. The same drivers need to adhere to certain practices, in an effort to avoid the scheduling of a trial.

Prepare and send to the insurance adjuster a detailed demand letter

In letter, review the events leading up to the accident. Offer details on the treatment received for the injuries, and state the total cost for all the received treatments. Share information on any lost income. Close by stating your demand, the amount of money that is expected in the form of payment. Seek an amount that exceeds the amount that is expected, based on the nature and extent of the injuries. Await response; it should include the first offer from the insurance adjuster.

Responding to that first offer

Politely reject that first offer. Still, the amount of money mentioned in that first offer can serve as a guide. It provides guidance, regarding what amount to quote in the second and lower demand. Allow negotiations to continue, with each side proposing an offer. Work towards a time when both sides have agreed on the same figure.

Action to take if negotiations reach a standstill

At that point, it would make sense to consider the prospect of arranging for a mediation session. During such a session, the mediator encourages each of the disputing parties to give more thought to the value of the arguments that have been presented by the opposing party.

A mediation session does not have to focus on the size of the payment that has been asked by the plaintiff. It could focus on the best time of a settlement. In that way, an accident victim could bargain for more time, time during which he or she could be visiting the treating physician.

What to expect if insurance company says that it is ready to settle?

Expect to be asked to sign a release. Insurance companies do not send any claimant a compensation check until that same claimant has signed a release. Claimants that agree to sign such a release free the insurance company from responsibility for any new medical problems, or any complications that arise, with respect to former problems.

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