Do Long Term Injuries Boost Compensation Payouts?

The truth is that long-term disabilities which are also commonly referred to as residual injuries are capable of making the entire award for personal injury damages go up considerably. If you are capable of proving that you have suffered in an accident that has caused any long-lasting or even permanent effects which are most commonly called “residual injuries”, much like back or joint stiffness, scarring and many more, the amount of the compensation that you are capable of claiming is going to go up significantly.

There are very simple and obvious reasons, which even a residual injury with no grave impact, could leave a disfigurement that’s capable of increasing the value of your award. The reason behind this is that it’s going to leave you suffering from a long time and, quite naturally – the more harmful this effect is the higher your compensation is going to go. There are a few common types of residual injuries which are going to allow you to boost your compensation, so let’s take closer look at the most common ones of them.


The first types of residual injuries are scars and disfigurements. Now, when it comes to scars, it’s important to point out that they won’t be causing you any pain, at least not for the most part. However, they are disturbing and unpleasant to look at which is capable of causing you severe discomfort and even potential preventions. A lot of jobs are not going to be available for you if you have a significant scar on your face as it’s going to prevent you from interacting with customers properly. Even though this might be considered as discrimination, the truth is that in the majority of cases you won’t be able to act upon the premise.


Disfigurement, on the other hand, could also be incredibly disturbing. Facial disfigurement is very serious and it has to be taken into thorough consideration. In any case, if the disfigurement is visible this is going to boost your compensation even higher. However, even if it’s not you are still going to be able to claim increased reparation but it’s not going to get as high as if it was visual.

Orthopedic injuries

Back problems and joint injuries are also commonly a reason for long lasting residual injuries. They often lead to continuous over-time pain which isn’t healed for a significant amount of time. In any case, regardless of the cause, you have to make sure that the residual injury is properly documented. In your claim, you have to make sure that you’ve thoroughly indicated that it’s a long-term or permanent and it would be advisable to get a doctor to state it so that you have a documented support.

However, the fact is that it is difficult to know the exact amount of compensation that you are eligible for and that is why hiring one of the mist experienced lawyers in the city can help you get the right representation in the court of law.