Interesting Provisions Of Contributory Negligence In Dog Bite Cases

While it may seem like something pretty far-fetched, dog bite cases are quite common on the territory of the province of Ontario. Over 200,000 dog attacks are reported in Ontario and other cities last year which is an incredibly high number and makes the matter one that has to be taken into thorough consideration. This is why the legislative entity has decided that it’s an obviously important issue and the matter needs to be legally regulated. This was done back in 1990 on the 31st of December when the Dog Owner’s Liability Act was put forward and dully enacted. Interestingly enough, this particular piece of legislation hasn’t been altered or amended ever since which speaks of its stability and ability to properly convey the letter of the law across the entire society. (more…)

How does Dog Owners’ Liability Act Protect Victims?

The Dog Owners’ Liability Act is a law which describes the liability of owners of dogs. This particular act is enforceable in every province in Canada, including the state of Ontario and as a result in the city of Kingston, as it is located in said state. This Act subjects dog owners to liability for any possible damage which is caused by their dogs. Interestingly enough, the damage could be caused to people and other domestic animals. Even though it may sound like something that is not happening a lot, the reality is that every year in Canada, more than 500,000 claims are filed under this particular act which makes it one of the most common cases in the area of personal injury law. (more…)