A Basic Overview of Ontario’s Dog Bite Law

Many individuals would contend that dogs are man’s best friends and that they are there to care for us, love us, and protect us.  However, it’s important to remember that they are capable of inflicting considerable harm, if they attack without predication.  A single dog bite can cause a great deal of pain and leave the victim permanently disfigured.  Additionally, aggressive dog breeds are known to maul the victim so much that they need cosmetic surgery or children are fatally attacked. In personal injury law, animal attacks and dog bites are the basis for numerous claims and subsequent court cases. (more…)

Did You Know About Compensation For Pain And Suffering Related To Dog Bites?

Did you know that there are approximately 200,000 dog bites which are reported every single year in the country of Canada? Whether you believe it or not, dog bites are not to be underestimated as they are capable of causing severe damages, both physical and emotional. While not every bite is going to inflict tremendous physical injuries to the victim, almost all of them are going to be associated with tremendous amounts of stress, anxiety and emotional pain, especially if the dog was large. (more…)