Contributory Negligence In Personal Injury Law

When the topic at hand is personal injury law in the country of Canada, it’s crucial to mention a thing or two about its legislation system. The main thing to know is that apart from the governmental statutes which are enacted, the country allows the provinces to have their own legislative provisions. This means that Sudbury, which is located in the state of Ontario, is going to be subjected to the provisions of the province, instead of the statutory ones. This is of course only possible when the former do not contradict to the latter. The main idea behind this is to allow people who are closer to the problems to come up with solutions. The system is logical and working. (more…)

What am I eligible to claim after a motorcycle accident?

Motorcycle accidents are incredibly common in the state of Ontario and especially within the limits of the city of Ottawa, as it is one of the biggest towns in the area. Each person who has been involved in an accident of such nature is entitled and is eligible to file an application for the so called no-fault accident benefits which are pursuant to the Provincial laws. There are a few premises in order to do so, however. First of all, every driver is required to carry insurance policies. The no-fault accidental benefits are formulating a major part in the standard insurance policy and people who have been injured in such an accident actually have the right to claim benefits of this sort immediately after the occurring of the accident. This means that they can do so regardless of whether or not their own actions were the cause for the accident. (more…)

Can I Claim Damages In A Personal Injury Settlement?

There are certain situations in which you are definitely going to find yourself in a need of a lawyer. Most common people associate this line of working with different injuries. In fact, the area of personal injury law is one of the vastest and broadest. The reasons for this are numerous, but mostly it is because of the fact that there are just so many different situations in which you can find yourself injured. For instance, slip and fall accidents are some of the most common in this particular practice area. (more…)

How does Dog Owners’ Liability Act Protect Victims?

The Dog Owners’ Liability Act is a law which describes the liability of owners of dogs. This particular act is enforceable in every province in Canada, including the state of Ontario and as a result in the city of Kingston, as it is located in said state. This Act subjects dog owners to liability for any possible damage which is caused by their dogs. Interestingly enough, the damage could be caused to people and other domestic animals. Even though it may sound like something that is not happening a lot, the reality is that every year in Canada, more than 500,000 claims are filed under this particular act which makes it one of the most common cases in the area of personal injury law. (more…)

Reasons For Public Transit Accident

It is not uncommon for people living in the city of Sudbury, which is located in the province of Ontario, to suffer in a public transit accident. This would mean that they used the services of the public transportation and relying on them to get them safely from one location to another. Unfortunately, not only this isn’t always the case but sometimes there are some sever accidents which occur in the public transit. However, it is important to realize that accidents of this particular regard may occur for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes there are contributing factors which may limit the liability of the transporting agency or company. (more…)