Understand The Different Types of Product Liability Lawsuits

When you purchase a product of any kind, you would normally expect it to work as intended and not to pose any serious risk of injury. As unfortunate as it may sound, however, this is not quite possible, at least not always. From time to time the company that handles the design, manufacturing or even the marketing could make certain mistakes which may result in harm to their customers.

With this in mind, an experienced personal injury lawyer is capable of helping you out substantially if you want to make sure that you access the necessary compensation. You can hold the designated company responsible for the damages that you’ve had to incur as a result of the faulty product. It is important to understand that there are 3 main types of product liability cases that you can undertake, all of them are related to the defects and the different stages of the placement of the product.

Defect in the design

This is a case that you bring, if you suspect that the product has a defect in the very first stage of the entire process line – the design. After the product is conceptualized, it needs to get designed properly in order to proceed with the manufacturing. If something has been wrongfully designed, this is going to lead to a wrong manufacturing and, hence, a product which doesn’t serve its purpose as intended – it could be dangerous.

Defects in the manufacturing

If the design has been flawless but the one who handles the actual manufacturing of the product has failed to get the job done properly, then you are allowed to claim monetary compensation, if said flaws in manufacture resulted in some sort of an accident, which caused you damages. This is, by far, the most common type of product liability cases and it’s definitely one which needs special attention.

Defects in the marketing

This is something rather specific. Marketing defects are going to take place when a product which has been safely designed and manufactured comes with inappropriate or wrong warnings or instructions. Basically, this refers to the issues that may arise if there are inappropriate instructions provided on the label of the product or any other type of marking found on it.

With this in mind, if you have been damaged by a product of any kind, you should make sure that everything is handled properly. Hire a personal injury lawyer and file a product liability claim – this is going to initiate the process of recovering damages. Furthermore, make sure to collect all the necessary evidence as per the instructions of the lawyer so that you can build a strong case. Most of the time, it is important to work with an injury lawyer because they understand the nuances of the tort law and have helped settle such cases in the past.