What to Do After Suffering Dog-Inflicted Injury

Often, the person that has suffered such an injury finds it difficult to press charges against the dog’s owner. Typically, the attacking canine was not an unfamiliar beast. Usually, it was the pet of a family member, a friend or a neighbor.
Still, anyone that owns a dog has acquired the responsibility of controlling that same animal. Even those people that love dogs will admit that a canine might, at any moment, feel the need to attack someone that seems dangerous. No one can read a dog’s mind.

Furthermore, there is always the chance that a given injury could do permanent harm to the person that was attacked. For that reason, it becomes clear that the victim of a dog bite should not hesitate to file a personal injury claim. For the same reason, the person making that claim needs to get a good injury lawyer in Sudbury.

What jobs must be performed by that same lawyer?

First, the lawyer for the bitten child, man or woman must investigate the nature of the attack. Was the dog provoked in any fashion? Had the dog’s owner taken proper measures, in order to control that beloved pet? Did the pet’s owner warn an approaching stranger to stay away, and did that same stranger (the eventual victim) then move closer to the animal that attacked him or her?

After having completed that investigation, the lawyer must try to complete an assessment of liability. Who should be held responsible, the dog’s owner or the person that gotten bitten by the angry canine?

Next, the lawyer must speak with the victim and get details on the injuries suffered by that same child, man or woman. The same lawyer might also visit the doctor, in order to learn what facts have been recorded by that member of the medical profession.

Following that close examination of the client’s injuries, the lawyer’s next job should focus on arranging for treatment of those same injuries. Ideally, the lawyer for the victim will find a way to free his or her client of an added expense. In other words, the injuries should be treated by someone that will not demand payment for any out-of-pocket expenses.

The lawyer of the person with the dog bite must also calculate the loss of wages for that same victim. That can be tricky, if the person that got attacked had his own business, and was in the dog’s home, while taking care of business. In that case, that business owner may have to provide the lawyer with a chance to look at the accountant’s books.

Finally, the lawyer’s job needs to focus on what is the ultimate result of that dog bite. Did it cause the person attacked to develop scars or some other form of disfigurement? If so, that would affect the demand for compensation. That demand for compensation would become even greater, if it became clear that the attacked child, man or woman now needed expert counseling services.