Strategies In Insurance Industry That Delay Compensation After Car Crashes

Car accidents are a significant cause of death and disability. In fact, approximately one-third of all traffic fatalities involve an injury to the vehicle’s occupants. Unfortunately, in some cases, insurance companies may delay compensating those injured in car accidents. They will try to use as many loopholes as possible to minimize their payout to you. You need a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa on your side that won’t let them get away with it – someone who knows exactly what can be done to get the compensation you deserve.

Here are some of the most common ways that insurance companies try to avoid paying claims:

• Deny Medical Treatment for Injuries: Insurance companies may try to deny medical treatment for injuries sustained during an accident. The injured party must provide evidence of their injuries, such as a doctor’s report or hospital records, to receive compensation for their expenses.
• Did Not Report Accident on Time: The insurance company may deny your claim if you do not report any loss within a certain period after it happened. In some cases, they may even say that they had already paid for the loss, but you failed to report it until now, so they can no longer cover it anymore.
• Breached their Terms and Conditions: In some cases, an insurance company may deny your claim by saying that you have breached their terms and conditions by failing to meet their requirements for submitting claims or failing to pay premiums on time etc., which means that they cannot legally pay for any losses incurred under your policy anymore. This is why you need a lawyer on your side, if you want things done right the first time when filing a personal injury claim.
• Change Their Story: Insurance companies will often change their story from one day to the next, or even from one investigator to another representing the same company. They may also change their story based on which investigator you speak with.
• Add Unrelated Costs: To increase the cost of your claim, some insurance companies will add unrelated damages to your claims, such as medical bills for injuries unrelated to the accident or rental car charges when it wasn’t necessary.
• Use Intimidation Tactics: Some insurance companies employ tactics such as threatening lawsuits and criminal prosecution when trying to collect money from you after an accident involving their insured driver. This is usually done by sending letters requesting payment or threatening legal action if you don’t pay immediately.

Lawyer can help combat these tactics by using evidence such as police reports and medical records to prove their client’s claims against the insurance company. This can mean the difference between receiving total compensation or none at all.