Possible Complications With A Slip And Fall Injury

Younger adults tend to exhibit a rather quick recovery from a slip and fall injury. Furthermore, such falling incidents take place rather infrequently among younger and healthier adults. Unfortunately, the frequency of such incidents increases, as the same adults begin to age.

Seniors tend to slip and fall more easily. They are unsteady on their feet, even if the ground is flat and dry. Introduction of any obstacle can work to trigger occurrence of a tragic event, such as one that entails sipping and falling.

The immediate consequences of such an event

A senior that falls could suffer from a broken bone. By the same token, he or she might sustain a dislocation. Often the injured senior must undergo a short period of hospitalization.

The near-term consequences, when a senior adult slips and falls

Following a short hospitalization, the recovering patient spends time in a rehabilitation facility. There, the patient is supposed to learn how to walk, or to use whatever body part was affected at the time of the falling incident.

The length of such a stay will depend on the availability of someone to stay with the patient, as he or she strives to maintain an independent lifestyle. The longer the stay, the more money that needs to be spent on the rehabilitation facility.

Long term consequences

Some seniors exhibit a tendency to withdrawal from society. In that case, efforts should be made to have the withdrawing senior participate in events that set the stage for greater socialization.

Some seniors undergo a psychological trauma. In that case, efforts should be directed at calming the stressed patient.

Finally, a recovering senior might develop an increased dependence. If the senior’s habits make him or her a fall risk, then it becomes necessary to have someone by their side at all times. In that way, the chances for future occurrences of falling can be reduced.

Situations that demand the presence of a caregiver

A senior often loses the ability to stay upright after turning. The presence of a caregiver helps to lower the chances that a recovering victim might turn suddenly and fall again.

A sleeping senior could wake up at any time. A caregiver must be alerted to that fact, so that he or she can be of assistance to the awakened man or woman. Some families elect to buy a special alert, one that sounds if someone tries to leave the bed.

The person that is a fall risk should not be handling sharp objects, Consequently, someone generally gets paid to help them with meal preparation. A person that is a fall risk may need help with relieving bowel or bladder. If the injured individual requires financial assistance and wants to sue for damages, it is important that they consult with an injury lawyer in Sudbury.