Personal Injury Claims For Product Liability

Every year, tens of thousands of individuals sustain injuries from defective products and yet many of them do not realize that they may be entitled to compensation for these accidents under Provincial Law.  Product safety is vital where consumer confidence is concerned.  But when an individual sustains injuries from a product that is deemed as being safe, the only way to preserve consumer confidence is by holding the designer, manufacturer, and anyone else involved in the supply accountable for their negligence.

Purpose of Product Liability Laws

The consumer is protected against defective products by Provincial product liability laws which also give them the right to sue for compensation should they sustain injuries while using a specific product.  The basis for filing a claim and hiring a personal injury lawyer to litigate on your behalf is that no one should be financially responsible for injuries they sustained when using a defective product, especially when they believed it was safe.  If a defective product caused your injuries and left you needing medical attention and/or rehabilitation, you are entitled to file a claim and sue for compensation. However, trying to do it on your own doesn’t suffice and it is best to hire the services of an experienced injury lawyer.

About Product Liability Claims

The terminology “product liability” refers to those parties in the manufacture and supply chain who are responsible for a defective product that caused injuries. This includes the

manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and so on.  Typically, products are considered to be defective for one of the three following reasons:

·         Design errors – a flaw in the actual design of the product makes it unsafe to use.

·         Manufacturing errors – the product was manufactured improperly or with low-quality materials

·         Marketing errors – there are no instructions for proper, safe use or warnings listed on the product.

Any consumer product can be the subject of a personal injury claim for product liability if it contains inherent defects that have caused injuries to a person.  Furthermore, every consumer product must meet certain criteria that they are safe to be used as advertised. If you think you have a defective product or due to the defects, you have been injured, talk to your lawyer today and get your case evaluated. They will discuss the merits of the case and give you proper advice how to go forward.

Proof of Liability

In any product liability claim, the injured party (plaintiff) and their personal injury lawyer must prove liability in order to be entitled to compensation for their injuries.  The four elements listed below must be proved in order for your claim to be successful:

·         The defect in the product caused your injuries

·         The product is defective

·         The product was used as directed and intended

·         You sustained injuries or some type of loss

If you feel that your injuries were caused by a defective product, you should contact a personal injury lawyer to evaluate your case.