The Duty of Care in Occupiers’ Liability Act Of 1990

The Occupiers’ Liability Act has been consolidated back in the 1990 on the 31st of September. It is an incredibly important piece of the Canadian legislation as it governs one of the most common causes for personal injury lawsuits – the slip & fall accident. It has full effect over the province of Ontario and therefore over the city of Kingston. It’s important to understand the provisions set forth in the act, should you desire to lead a successful case of getting compensation for your damages in such an accident. (more…)

Personal Injury Trends in Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital city of the country of Canada. As of 2014, the city has approximately one million people in population. This means that there are a lot of things that go on and have direct relation with the personal injury law. It is important to be properly informed about the current trends in order to know how to take preventive measures to avoid the most common and trending causes of accidents in Ottawa. (more…)

Pedestrian accidents in Ottawa

One of the major causes for personal injury disputes in the capital city of Canada – Ottawa is pedestrian accidents. These are such incidents which somehow involve a pedestrian who has sustained certain damages as a result of an auto transport accidents. The examples are numerous but definitely the one that poses most interest for the law includes a motor vehicle hitting a walking person. As you can imagine, these are accidents which are capable of causing horrible injuries and even death. As a matter of fact these are the accidents which mostly have lethal outcomes in comparison to any other accidents in the personal injury law area. (more…)

Do Orthopedic Injuries Lead To Emotional Trauma?

Even though the city of Sudbury is a city located in the province of Ontario and therefore the relevant legislation should be in effect, the definitions and provisions regarding orthopedic injuries concern the whole country. It’s important to understand that this particular area demands a great understanding of complex medical terminology as well as having basic knowledge of the human body. An orthopedic injury can be defined as functional impairment of the skeletal system. Common problem areas involve the spine and the structures which are associated with it as well as the muscles and other ligaments. (more…)

Contributory Negligence In Personal Injury Law

When the topic at hand is personal injury law in the country of Canada, it’s crucial to mention a thing or two about its legislation system. The main thing to know is that apart from the governmental statutes which are enacted, the country allows the provinces to have their own legislative provisions. This means that Sudbury, which is located in the state of Ontario, is going to be subjected to the provisions of the province, instead of the statutory ones. This is of course only possible when the former do not contradict to the latter. The main idea behind this is to allow people who are closer to the problems to come up with solutions. The system is logical and working. (more…)