Maximizing Compensation for Damages in Your Personal Injury Case Part I – Getting Started on the Road to Recovery

If you live in the cities of Kingston, or Sudbury, and you’ve been considering filing a personal injury law suit, you may be wondering how much you’ll be compensated for your injuries or how much your case is really worth.  In personal injury law, the value of a case is usually based on the recovery of damages.  In other words, you have to determine what your injuries have cost you emotionally, monetarily, physically, and psychologically.  This may also involve determining whether the actions or behavior of the defendant should be punished. Your lawyer will be in a better position to explain more about the case. (more…)

How to Write a Powerful Demand Letter to the Insurance Companies

If you recently sustained serious injuries in a motor vehicle or slip and fall accident, you may be entitled to compensation if you can prove that another party was negligent.  If your case progresses to the point where negotiating a settlement for damages is in order, it helps to have a personal injury lawyer involved with you during negotiations.  However, the most important step in the process is presenting a powerful demand letter to the insurance company prior to the start of negotiations. This will help put you on a stronger footing than before. (more…)

How to Help Your Personal Injury Lawyer and increase Your Chances of winning Your Case

Different types of accidents occur in the cities of Kingston, Ottawa, and Sudbury every day, some of which leave people serious injured and permanently unable to work.  While the value of having a personal injury lawyer on your side cannot be over-stated in cases such as these, they oftentimes rely on their clients to help them with their cases.  It’s also important to understand that while personal injury law cases can be challenging and complex, that injury victims are entitled to certain rights during the legal process. (more…)

How is Compensation calculated in a Personal Injury Case?

When someone in the cities of Kingston, Ottawa, or Sudbury is injured in an accident that was caused by another person’s careless, negligent, or reckless behavior, there is the likelihood that they may be entitled to compensation.  For instance, you can be reimbursed for lost income, medical expenses and even your pain and suffering.  But did you know that the Ontario Supreme Court established limits or a “cap” on the amount of compensation you could be awarded? (more…)

Know More about How Personal Injury Claims Are Settled

After an accident, you have only two choices to collect the damages- file a lawsuit against the persona at fault or negotiate and settle a claim outside of court. Though you might get more money if you file a civil lawsuit but it is a fact that most of the personal injury cases are settled even before a lawsuit is filed.

Settlement is considered to be when the defendant or his/her insurance company offers a sum of money to the victim to cover the medical and other costs. This is done even before the victim files a lawsuit as the chance of a potential claim can rise. Additionally, the settlement might be offered after the trial begins but there is no verdict given as yet. There have been settlements made after the jury is deliberating but the defendant is worried about the decision and offers settlement. (more…)