Prioritizing Your Safety While Operating Your Motorcycle

All across Canada, there are roughly 600,000 motorcycles which have been registered, and a total of 30 percent of those are registered in the province of Ontario alone. While this only makes up about 2 percent of all vehicles, motorcyclists also make up 10 percent of all road deaths. If you are a motorcyclist and this statistic rightfully disconcerts you, then you may now be interested in what you can do to stay safe while navigating the roads. (more…)

How A Resident of Ontario Can Claim Negligence By An Opposing Party?

The law does not hand to those that have sustained an accidental injury the ability to file one of two types of claims, so that the same injured victim can gain a sense of revenge. Instead, the claims filed by various victims are supposed to help each victim gain a fair compensation. In the eyes of the law, a fair compensation should allow the claimant to get back to where he or she was before the accident. (more…)