Multiple Factors Affect Outcome For Commercial Truck Accidents

The most obvious factors affecting the outcome for a commercial truck accident are the weight differences and the laws of physics. Still, there is more than one other factor that can be added to the things that might influence the outcome for that unwanted event.

Dangerous features of commercial trucks that could contribute to occurrence of collision in which laws of physics work to determine the outcome

An unbalanced freight in the truck’s trailer could trigger the occurrence of such an accident. If the hauling containers happened to contain hazardous materials, then the accident might ca use any number of people to suffer secondary injuries.

Potential defendants in case involving a commercial truck

A trucking company could be a defendant, if it had exercised some level of control over the truck’s driver.Anyone that had contracted with the relevant trucking company or with the relevant shipper might be named as a defendant.

The shipper might be one of the defendants, if that same shipper had failed to alert the driver to the nature of the transported goods, or had failed to ensure completion of the proper loading procedures.

The maker of whatever item was in the truck’s trailer might become one of the businesses that got placed on a listing of the defendants. Like shippers, product manufacturers are supposed to alert drivers to the nature of any hazardous materials that were added to the manufactured and shipped product.

Some infrequent and specific causes for commercial truck accidents

Situations where the truck’s movements copy those of a jackknife: In other words, the direction taken by the cab differs from the one taken by the loaded trailer. Two different actions by the driver have a tendency to increase the chances that the same driver’s commercial vehicle could jackknife.

One of those 2 actions involves the decision to slam on the brakes, in order to make a sudden stop. The other action that could trigger occurrence of a jackknife-like movement would be a sudden turn. It could cause the affected vehicle to block the flow of traffic as per personal injury lawyer in Sudbury.

If a truck’s driver were to make a wide turn, and then carry out that same move suddenly, that same action could cause the directed vehicle to take up space in 2 or more lanes of traffic. As indicated above, that sort of situation has the ability to block the flow of traffic. Naturally, blockage of traffic on a highway could set the stage for a collision.

Although both such events do not happen frequently, both do contribute to creation of an accident, one that has an obvious link to one or more of a commercial truck’s movements.