Learning Your Rights When It Comes To Accident Benefits

If you have recently been involved in a motor vehicle collision in the province of Ontario, then you are highly likely to be entitled to certain accident benefits. Specifically the benefits that are included in the standard no fault automobile insurance policy.

What are no fault accident benefits?

Also referred to as statutory accident benefits, these no fault benefits guarantee a certain degree of coverage to any motorist, regardless of whether they are found liable for causing the accident or not. The amount of benefits that are ultimately awarded to the injured motorist are dependent on the seriousness of the sustained injuries.

Which expenses are covered by these benefits?

The coverage offered by no fault benefits is quite expansive, ranging from reimbursements of medical bills and rehabilitation expenses, over necessary assistive devices and occupational therapy, all the way to the coverage of chiropractic treatment, physiotherapy bills, and massage therapy. In some cases, even more additional benefits are awarded.

How can I obtain these benefits?

In order to become eligible to receive such benefits, you will need to fill out an application and send it to the insurance company responsible for handling accident benefits specifically. In most cases, this is your own insurance company, but this is not guaranteed.

There have also been cases in which disputes have taken place between insurance company as it was determined which one was responsible for paying the victim the benefits they are entitled to. Such disputes are referred to as priority disputes, and the insurer ultimately deemed responsible will be put into a position in which they owe a duty of good faith to you, the victim who has been left injured.

What is meant by “a duty of good faith”?

When an insurance company has been designated to hold responsibility for paying accident benefits to an accident victim, then they are given a duty to pay these benefits within a reasonable time span. Additionally, the amount of benefits paid must also be fair in regards to the extent of the victim’s losses, which means that investigations into the victim’s claim must be launched promptly in order to determine how much compensation they should be awarded.

Should I get a lawyer involved?

When it comes to accident claims, it is always best to get a personal injury lawyer in Sudbury involved as soon as possible in order to ensure that you have a solid case and a claim that is filed on time. You might be temporarily invalid or recovering from the injuries and that is why most lawyers are willing to visit you at the hospital or at home. They are flexible and allow you to recuperate in stress-free environs while they take care of the legalities of your case.