How To Assess Need For Truck Accident Lawyer?

If you were to be hit by a truck, while driving on the road or highway, you might want to think about hiring a truck traffic lawyer. How should you approach the task of deciding whether or not to retain such an Injury Lawyer in Sudbury?

Your first task would concern getting information on a deadline.

You would need to know whether or not the deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit had passed. That deadline would be stated in your state’s statute of limitations. As a rule, lawyers will not take a case if the prospective client has waited until a date that has fallen past the established deadline.

Next create a list

Make a listing of all the jobs that a truck accident attorney could carry out, if you chose to hire one.

-Obtain the log of the truck driver
-Locate any video footage that could reveal what took place at the time of the collision.
-Obtain results from any blood test that might have been taken by the truck’s driver
-Interview witnesses
-Negotiate with the insurance company; that could involve talking with more than one insurance company, since there might be more than one party named at-fault.
-Offer guidance, when time has come to decide on acceptability of a presented offer

Consider seriousness of your injury

Victims with serious injuries should expect a lengthy recovery. For each of them, a lawyer could perform an added task. That task would involve gaining an understanding for the potential costs of any injured client.

Those costs might relate to satisfaction of future medical needs. Alternately, those costs could reflect the client’s loss of an opportunity to pursue meaningful employment in the future. Truck accident lawyers are more familiar with the problems that could arise, as the result of a serious injury.

A final consideration: the paperwork demanded by the insurance company

Insurance companies want proof for any claim. That proof usually comes in the form of paperwork. Consider how ready you might be to collect and organize all the papers that might need to be shared with the insurance company.

Besides requesting paperwork, an insurance company might have the appropriate adjuster place repeated calls to his or her assigned claimant. Claimants that have hired a lawyer can ask that such calls be made to the lawyer’s office. Injury Lawyer in Sudbury would know what to expect, when receiving such a call.

If you do not mind dealing with lots of paperwork, and if you feel comfortable negotiating with an insurance adjuster, then you might hesitate before retaining a member of the legal profession, one with recognized expertise in the area of trucking accidents. Otherwise, you ought to plan on hiring such a professional.