Seeking Reparation of Damages Caused By Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are incredibly common and the sad part is that they would regularly result in terrible consequences and in some instances even with death. In order to prevent them from happening, the legislative entity on the territory of the province of Ontario has set forth clear and concise regulations but it seems that this is not enough. Of course, this is a problem which far exceeds the boundaries of Ontario and of Canada as a country as this is something which concerns people on a world-wide level. (more…)

Responsibilities and Rights as Per Motorcycle Laws

Motorcycles are considered as fun machines but riding it offers little protection in case of an accident. If you are looking to know more about the responsibilities and rights as a Canadian motorcyclist, it is based on the safety criterion for the passengers and rider. To start with, you need to have one of the motorcycle licenses that are M-class or M1, M2. The regular G-class driving license no longer works for motorcycles. (more…)

What am I eligible to claim after a motorcycle accident?

Motorcycle accidents are incredibly common in the state of Ontario and especially within the limits of the city of Ottawa, as it is one of the biggest towns in the area. Each person who has been involved in an accident of such nature is entitled and is eligible to file an application for the so called no-fault accident benefits which are pursuant to the Provincial laws. There are a few premises in order to do so, however. First of all, every driver is required to carry insurance policies. The no-fault accidental benefits are formulating a major part in the standard insurance policy and people who have been injured in such an accident actually have the right to claim benefits of this sort immediately after the occurring of the accident. This means that they can do so regardless of whether or not their own actions were the cause for the accident. (more…)