Motorcycle Accidents And The Need For A Personal Injury Lawyer

One of the more common causes of catastrophic injuries and fatalities in the Ottawa, Kingston, and Sudbury areas are accidents that involve a motorcycle and some other significantly larger vehicle.  Not only is there a greater likelihood of a motorcyclist getting into an accident, but the risk of sustaining devastating injuries is much higher for them as well.  Even if the individual has taken every safety precaution, they will still sustain more severe injuries than drivers of other vehicles. (more…)

Filing For Damages After Fatal Car Accidents In Ontario

The truth is that fatal car accidents in Ontario are rather common. The loss of a beloved member of your family or friend is always going to be tremendously devastating. However, the truth is that it could be even more traumatic when it has happened suddenly and was particularly caused by someone else’s incompetence. However, the sad truth is that these accidents remain quite common in the province of Ontario. While it’s only natural and incredibly understandable that you are going to need to take your time to mourn the loss of the loved one, you owe it to your family to and to yourself to seek the reparation of the tremendous harm that’s been caused. (more…)

How to Preserve Your Compensation Rights After Car Accident?

Now, if you’ve been involved in the horror that is a car accident in the province of Ontario, regardless of whether someone has been negligent or careless, you are entitled to receiving compensation for the injuries or the eventual property damage you’ve sustained. This particular compensation is most usually going to come out of the so-called structured settlement that your claim is going to be satisfied with. The settlement is with the party which is at fault’s insurance company. (more…)

Most Common Injuries Resulting From A Motor Vehicle Accidents

The truth is that there is a whole range of different injuries which may result from car accidents. Ranging from mild to severe, traumas are plenty and versatile. With this in mind, it’s absolutely essential to list the most common injuries which usually result from a car accident. This has a huge impact on a lot of different fields such as the insurance and the legal industry. Knowing the most common injuries allow insurers to provide comprehensive policies while lawyers can specialize in practitioner techniques. So, without any further ado, let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the injuries which are particularly common. (more…)