Is Your Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Categorized As Catastrophic?

It’s important to understand that whether or not your claim can be categorized as catastrophic is something tremendously important. If you have been involved in a vehicle accident and you have had to sustain significant and serious injuries, your situation might truly seem as if it is catastrophic. However, when it comes to the legal stand point, the word “catastrophic” has a slightly different meaning. (more…)

Know More About Ontario Auto Accident Income Benefits

Claiming the benefits owed you from an auto accident is essential to regaining some normalcy to life. But, it can be a confusing process for those who aren’t familiar with this part of the legal system in Ontario. Not knowing all that is available to those who have suffered injury because of a car accident can lead to less money claimed in congruence with it. This benefits the auto insurance company. But, it in no way benefits the injured party. The biggest mistake a person can make due to ignorance of the laws is choosing the wrong type of benefit for them. Most people may not be aware of this but there are three benefits that you can choose from. (more…)